LMAOF: White PEOPLE Now REGRET Voting For Donald Trump! Took To Twitter To Disown Him!

Posted on Dec 3 2016 - 12:22pm by Ratchet Queens Staff

White people are now saying they regret voting for Donald Trump after finding out he’s nothing but a crook, racist and liar…They already knew, but were blinded by their own hate and racist ways!

White Voters Now Regret Voting For Donald Trump Took to Twitter and Tumblr

Are people now regret voting for Donald Trump? White people knew they were making a mistake from the beginning voting a crook, racist and insecure individual to run the highest office in the world. However, their hatred for everyone that is NOT white kept them from thinking straight…OR where they not thinking at all? But Again, Trump was asked in 1997 which political party’s banner he would run under if he was running for president and he’s answer was…

‘Republicans…they not, stupid, racist, don’t think and believe everything you tell them!’

Well, he’s proven to be right. White people voted for him by the masses and he made it all the way to the white house. But the majority of them now regret voting for Donald Trump! He fooled them, lied to them, even berated white women…the more he lied to them the more excited and motivated they got.

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Those same voters are now saying they regret voting for Donald Trump! He has not even sworn into office yet. Why now? Well, Trump is doing what Trump do but NOT what Trump say. He’s entire cabinet is made of White men from the Bush Administration and corporate America CEOs; the same people he campaigned against. He’s making a lot of white people; his core voting block angry.

Those people even went to the great length of creating a page on Tumblr just to express how much they regret voting for Donald Trump. Oh, they’re also using social media website, Twitter to express their regrets and frustration with the new commander-in-biz and leader!

Karma’s a b*tch, isn’t it?

Voters Saying They Now Regret Voting For Donald Trump

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