What Alt-Right Stands For? White Supremacy Groups, KKK, Neo-Nazis! So Why The Media NOT Calling Them Those Names?

Posted on Nov 28 2016 - 12:11pm by Ratchet Queens Staff

News networks and social media are accused of sugarcoating the term ‘Alt-Right,’ refusing to call them out for what they are; people are responding!

What Does Alt-Right Stands For?

Donald Trump and his band of racist thugs did more than beating Hilary Clinton and the democrats for the world’s highest office on Tuesday, November 8, 2016; he re-energized the KKK, the White supremacy groups, Neo-Nazis, your white co-workers, neighbors and friends you had no idea were racist! Everyone knows what Alt-Right stands for except for their #1 supporter; white people. It represents all these racist and violent groups.

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Trump bought back white supremacy, hatred and made them mainstream again. All the major news networks are calling these groups “alt-right” when they’re in fact Neo-Nazis throwing up Hilter’s most most famous hand gesture. Hitler and his supports used the gesture as a solute by throwing their right hand straight forward on the air while the individual offering it would yelled ‘Heil Hitler.”

Heil Hitler Solute Pictures

The solute resurfaced at all Donald Trump’s presidential campaigns. His supporters now do the solute every time they see and black or Latino person. Even a police officer was caught doing the solute at a #BlackLivesMatter protest recently. He was fired after a video surfaced on social media…but the so-called Alt-Right is making big wave across the nation.

Pictures Of Tila Tequila Doing Heil Hitler Nazi Solute At Donald Trump Victory Party

At least one major news network – The LA Times –  is revising how they’re using the term Alt-Right to refer to these racist groups after some of their readers and subscribers complained. A reader wrote:

The Sunday piece on “alt-right” leader Richard Spencer and his National Policy Institute was such is an incredible misstep for your paper. For one, there’s the photo you used to accompany the piece online and on social media — are you sure this isn’t about HBO’s “Entourage” or Esquire magazine’s hottest bartender of 2016?

The normalization of Spencer is not OK.

One other reader blasted the news network and accused them of whitewashing racism:

Alt Right Stands For White Supremacist, Neo Nazis, and KKK Hate Groups

I am very concerned about the use of the term “alt-right.” This term was coined to make racism and white supremacy palatable to the American public. The continued use of it whitewashes the hate and bigotry and is a slap in the face to all minorities and citizens.

I ask you to refrain from using “alt-right” and to illuminate this movement for what it really is: racism.

The news networks and social media are continuing Trump’s agenda by promoting and sugarcoating the term “Alt-Right.” What do you think of the term and how it’s been used to promote the Trump gangs, Neo-Nazis and KKK members?