Wayne Brady’s Ex-Wife, Mandie Taketa Is SEXY HOT – 5 MUST Know Facts! [PICTURES]

Posted on Nov 8 2016 - 12:12pm by Ratchet Queens Staff

Wayne Brady’s ex-wife, Mandie Taketa has a sexy body with a beautiful face, but she’s also a scorned and divorce woman! Below are 5 FACTS about her!

Wayne Brady Ex Wife Mandie Teketa Facts

First you get the money, the power, the respect, then a beautiful white girl. Wayne Brady is no exception to the rule of successful black man going after pretty white or asain women. Wayne Bray ex-wife, Mandie Taketa is one of the lucky one to have nabbed herself a black man with a little success.

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I’m not a bitter black women, just to make it clear. I think Wayne Brady’s Ex-Wife, Mandie Taketa is gorgeous. I’m simply stating the facts. Unlike the others though, Mandie Taketa was a successful woman on her own right. However, success and beauty alone will not help you keep a man.

That’s one of the reason Wayne Brady and Mandie Taketa (real name: Mandie Adell) are divorced today. It takes more than a nice body and pretty face to keep a man these days. No matter how much you try to stay pretty and in shape for this rich and hoeish celebrities, there are hundreds of younger, prettier groupies that are willing to do anything to break your happy home.

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Wayne Brady’s Ex-Wife, Mandie Taketa is gorgeous with a sexy body. But, she’s a scorned and divorce woman getting older by the day no matter how much she tries to keep her body shape. Without further ado, below are 5 MUST know facts about Wayne Brady’s Ex-Wife, Mandie Taketa.

1. Before fame and marrying Brady

What Mandie Taketa Did For A Living Before Becoming Famous?

Mandie was successful actress and dancer before meeting Brady. She met him while preparting for a musical on broadway. She appeared in the follow movies:

  • Going To The Mat (2004)
  • Roll Bounce (2005)
  • Stuart Little 3: Call Of The Wild (2006)
  • The List (2007)