10 Reasons Why You Should Watch Muva’ New Gig “The Amber Rose Talk Show!”

Posted on Jul 12 2016 - 6:56pm by Ratchet Queens Staff

Muva's new gig The Amber Rose Talk Show on VH1

Amber Rose, also know by her nickname Muva has invaded TV and we couldn’t be any more happy for her and newly revamped career. Muva’s new gig, The Amber Rose Talk Show is kind of like an imitation of The Wendy Williams Talk show but with some major twists!

Sex, baby mama dramas and her trademark ‘slut walk,’ in which she walks provocatively and talks all the good stuff on behalf of black women who have been shamed for using their bodies to gain fame and make a living, for instance, will be major topic points. Muva’s new gig is pretty interesting. But what else do you expect from a show produced by Dr. Phil?

The Amber Rose Talk Show (Muva’s new gig) also discuss pop culture, motherhood, entrepreneurship, relationships, friendships and race. The race discussions should be very interesting giving what’s really going on right now what police brutal and unproked killings of black men and woman.

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Without further delay, NEXT page are 10 reasons why you should consider watching Muva’s new gig, ‘The Amber Rose Talk Show.’ Feel free to add your own reason(s) to or not to watch using the comment section below.

10 Reasons To Watch Muva’s New Gig ‘The Amber Rose Talk Show’.

10. Dr. Phil Produces Muva’s New Gig ‘The Amber Rose Talk Show!’

Dr. Phil produces The Amber Rose Talk Show

One of the most popular talk show host of our time, Dr. Phil and his 29 year old son Jay McGraw’s Stage direct and produce “The Amber Rose Show!” Having Dr. Phil involves is reason enough to watch. How of him we will have on the show is still in the air cause we’ve only watched the first episode.