Twerking Girls Arrested in Washington D.C. for Twerking on Unwilling Man!

Posted on Dec 9 2015 - 7:55pm by Ratchet Queens Staff

twerking girls videos

Looking at the footage, he look like he got a little sugar in the tank and probably twerks better then both those girls! One of the females was arrested days later and charged with sexual assault and the other female is still on the loose.

girls twerk on man at dc gas station

This is really sad and ridiculous ladies & gents, that it’s come to this! How embarrassing will it be when you meet your new jail mate and they ask … what are you in for? and your reply is … I was twerking on a man and he didn’t want like that so he called the police! Damn, her girlfriend bailed out on her too! What ever happened to: girls twerk together and ride together? ha! In this case home girl not really about that life!

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