Twerking Girls Arrested in Washington D.C. for Twerking on Unwilling Man!

Posted on Dec 9 2015 - 7:55pm by Ratchet Queens Staff

twerking girls in washington dc arrested

Twerking Girls Arrested in DC! The twerking madness has finally meet its match; dudes who don’t like to be twerked on and police officers who go after those who violate the dudes’ rights not to be twerked on; LOL! You know it’s getting out of hand when two big booty girls get arrested for twerking on man.

d.c twerking girls

I fell out laughing when I saw the footage of these women literally groping and twerking on a man they ran into inside a gas station store. They behaved that he was one of their homeboy or because he’s a man he’s going to enjoy it! NOT! Watch the video of the twerking girls below.

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