TRAITOR? Serena Williams Engagement To A White Man Gets BLASTED By Black Twitterverse!

Posted on Dec 30 2016 - 3:52pm by Ratchet Queens Staff

IN HYPOCRISY NEWS: Tennis Champion Serena Williams engaged to her white man boo, Reddit Co-Founder Alexis Ohanian and black twitterverse is having a fit

Serena Williams Engagement News To Fiance Reddit Co Founder Alexis Ohanian Creating Twitter Firestorm

Some of the things black twitter is saying about Serena Williams engagement to her white boyfriend; Reddit Co-Founder Alexis Ohanian are crude but understandable. We wrote an entire article about how black women can no longer blast successful black athletes and entertainers for dating white womenSerena Williams engagement to Alexis is proof that black women should now be exposed for hypocrisy.

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“Serena marrying a white boy after all that fighting we did to keep her from being called a gorilla smfhhhhhhhh she ugly as hell now,” one twitter user posted. Can you imagine Michelle Obama announcing she’s divorcing Barack and getting engaged to Bill Gates after so many white men and women called her “gorilla in heels?” Are you with me? Serena Williams engagement to a white boy is and should be devastating to the black community.

Black Twitter Reactions To Serena Williams Engagement News To White Men Reddit Co Founder Alex Ohanian Pictures

Serena Williams engagement to Reddit Co-Founder Alexis Ohanian is hypocrisy and betrayal at its best. The black community supported her and had her back when white men all over the world were calling her crude and racist names. Heck, black people become the #1 consumer of a sport “tennis” even white people found boring back in the days. We watched her, we cheered her and encouraged her to excel when the odds were against her. How does Serena Williams repay us? This twitter use summarizes it:

“Black man stays in his daughters’ lives, helps them become the best in tennis and she repays him by marrying a white man…wow just wow.”

Serena announced the engagement to her new fiance, Alexis Ohanian on his multi-million dollars social media website, Reddit with the photo of a white cartoon character proposing to a black one with the title “Future Mrs. Kn0thing. Kn0thing is Alex’s Reddit username…sh*t wasn’t even cute!

Tennis Champion Serena Williams Announced Engagement To Reddit Co-founder Alex Ohanian

The tennis legend’s representative later confirmed her engagement news to E!News:

“They’ve never seen Serena this happy before with a man. It sounds cheesy, but it was love at first sight.”

Though the insider notes that they are “pretty opposite in many ways,” they are also very similar. “They laugh non-stop and that really fuels their relationship,” the insider says. “They are on the same page in life and are excited to start something great with each other and build and grow a family.”

As for a wedding date? We’re told they’re hoping for it to happen in “about a year.” Our source notes, “Serena is excited to plan that!”

Do you think Serena Williams is a traitor for marrying a white man when she had so many successful and good black men like rapper Common, Drizzy Drake to choose from?

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Black Twitter Reactions To Serena Williams Engagement News To White Men Reddit Co Founder Alex Ohanian Pictures