The Westbrooks Reality Star & Instagram Model India Love and Drake DATING! Rihanna Cheated With Her Ex-Boyfriend Cliff Dixon!

Posted on Oct 11 2016 - 2:04pm by Ratchet Queens Staff

Drake and India Love; The Westbrooks reality TV star and Instagram model are dating after Rihanna breakup!

The Westbrooks Reality TV Star Drake and India Love Dating

We just wrote about how Rihanna and Drake’s off-and-on again, much talked about and brief romantic relationship is OVER. Now, let’s focus how Drake and India Love dating news and rumors. First off, let’s answer the question everyone is asking; who is India Love (real name: Dakota Gonzalez)? Love is a very popular Instagram model and one of the star sisters of the reality TV show, The Westbrooks. She’s also the ex-girlfriend of Cliff Dixon who RiRi cheated with while Love and Dixon where romantically dating.

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Cliff Dixon a member of Basketball star, Kevin Durant’s entourage and a popular Instagram Flirter. Drake and India Love dating is not a surprise giving that all of them run in the same circle of friends. India Love (real name: Dakota Gonzalez) is extremely sexy and gorgeous. Soooo, who is Drizzy Drake’s new hot girlfriend, India Love? Even before Drake and India Love started dating, thee were rumors that the two were an item. Below are 6 things you NEED to know about the Instagram model and fashionista.

1. India is the reason Rihanna (RiRi) and Drizzy Drake broke up

RiRi and Drake Break Up Drizzy Dating Instagram Model India Love and Rihanna wants Chris Brown Back

There are rumors that Drake and India Love have been flirting with each other for a few weeks, even hooking up on several occasions according to E!. We’re not sure if the cheating is the reason behind Drake and RiRi’s breakup, but it has to be. Rihanna hints earlier in the week about getting back with ex-boyfriend, Chris Brow!