Texting Shortcuts

LMBO – Laughing my butt off
LMK – Let me know
LOL – Laughing out loud
MM – Music Monday. Another recurring Twitter topic. In this case, users post a song or two that will get your week off to a better start.
MSM – Mainstream media
NAGI – Not a good idea
NM – Never mind
NMU – Not much, you?
NP – No problem or Now playing (as in “My MP3 stream is now playing LMFAO’s Party Rock.)
NSFW – Not safe for work. If this is attached to a link, you’re strongly advised not to check it out while in the workplace or any other venue where inappropriate content would be, well, inappropriate.
NSFL – Not safe for life. Usually a humorous disclaimer that something formerly innocent is going to be irreparably sullied if you click the link.
NTS – Note to self
OH – Overheard
OMG – Oh my God
ORLY – Oh, really?
PAW – Parents are watching
PLS or PLZ – Please
PPL – People
PTB – Please text back
QQ – Crying. Rather than an abbreviation, this is an emoticon, a picture created in text. The tails of the capital Q form tears, while the circles are the eyes. Saying “QQ” aloud also can mimic the “boo hoo” of someone who’s upset. Usually used sarcastically or contemptuously.
RAK – Random act of kindness
RL – Real life
ROFL – Rolling on the floor laughing
RT – Retweet