Stevie J and Faith Evans Got ENGAGED! Watch Him Propose On Leave It To Stevie Episode 8

Posted on Feb 7 2017 - 8:31pm by Ratchet Queens Staff

Stevie J and Faith Evans got ENGAGED on his TV show “Leave It To Stevie!’ Watch the LHHATL star proposing to new R&B platinum selling fiance! [VIDEO: FULL EPISODE 8]

Stevie J and Faith Evans Got Engaged! Watch Proposal On 'Leave It To Stevie'

The news that Stevie J and Faith Evans got engaged should not be surprising to you, but the fact that she accepted his engagement proposal should be. Stevie’s life is a mess! He’s on 3 years probation for failing to pay child support for his 5 kids dating back from 2009 and was ordered to pay $1.3 millions or go to jail.

Fast forward to about 11 minutes and 34 seconds

In addition, Joseline Hernandez just gave birth to his daughter, Bonnie Bella Jordan; baby #6! What does Faith Evans see in Stevie J? We hope she’s only doing it for publicity, provided the R&B singer hasn’t released any albums or gotten any work since Husband/baby daddy The Notorious B.I.G. died. Stevie J and Faith Evans got engaged on his reality TV show ‘Leave It To Stevie‘ episode 8.

Stevie and Faith would be better off staying boyfriend and girlfriend. She’s in for a wild wide with that playboy!

Do you think Stevie J and Faith Evans got engaged for publicity purposed or they’re taking their relationship seriously?