Record Breaking Song, “Unbreak My Heart” Was About A Secret Toni Braxton Abortion, Bankruptcy & Lupus

Posted on Oct 26 2016 - 4:52pm by Ratchet Queens Staff

“Unbreak My Heart” song turns memoir and Lifetime Movie reveals secret Toni Braxton abortion when she was dating ex-husband and baby daddy, Keri Lewis

Unbreak My Heart Song Was About Toni Braxton Abortion

The song ‘Unbreak My Heart’ is one of my favorite songs of all time. However, it wasn’t until a days ago that I learned the painful song was actually about a secret Toni Braxton abortion, her fight with the deadly disease lupus and bankruptcy. Yes folks, The Braxton Family Values reality star, soul music platinum selling artist and one of the most talented of all time aborted her first child.

Toni Braxton got pregnant for her ex-husband and baby daddy Keri Lewis (m. 2001–2013), but decided that her career was more important than a baby. Was Toni Braxton abortion the reason Keri divorced her in 2013 or the lupus disease did the couple in? According to sources, it was a strings of bad things that led to the couple calling it quit. The lupus and bankruptcy took a toll on their marriage, but it was the Toni Braxton abortion that really broke the camel’s back, said a friend of the family.

Who Plays Toni Braxton Unbreak My Heart Lifetime Movie?

Lifetime Movies recently aired a biopic about the singer’s musical career and personal life. Toni also released her own memoir in which she titled, guess what?  Unbreak My Heart. In the memoir, the revelation of Toni Braxton abortion is well documented. After the book’s release, Toni sat down with ET’s Nancy O’Dell and discussed the decision to abort her baby, bankruptcy and relationship issues. New and upcoming actress Lex Scott Davis plays Toni Braxton in Unbreak My Heart; the movie.

“I never thought I would have to do that,” Toni said about the abortion. “I felt selfish because I was thinking, I’m going through bankruptcy — there’s things going on with my life and I can’t give this kid any future. I was feeling hopeless for no reason, when I look at it now for no reason, what was I thinking?” she continued.

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Toni Braxton Kids

“I am not really embarrassed about it, I am more ashamed of myself for doing that because I could’ve figured something out financially — that was just an excuse I was making for myself,” Toni told O’Dell. The TV personality asked Toni if she still today regrets having an abortion; “I often tell myself I have three kids. I have two boys, but I often have to tell myself I have two kids. But in my head I feel like I have three kids. Toni said with a grim.

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And when asked about her 11-year old autistic son; “I thought it was because of the abortion, God was punishing me,” she revealed.  “And it took a long time for me to get past that.” Toni has two sons, Diezel Ky Braxton-Lewis and Denim Cole Braxton-Lewis with singer and songwriter, Keri Lewis.

Did you know “Unbreak My Heart” was about a secret Toni Braxton abortion? What do you make of that revelation?