#SlimThickChallenge! Pictures of The Girls Making Wave On The Slim Thick Challenge!

Posted on Nov 29 2016 - 1:10pm by Ratchet Queens Staff

#SlimThickChallenge gives all the girls a chance to represent in the Slim Thick Challenge! See all the sexy pictures of black and white girls who took & killed it!

Pictures of Sexy Black and White Girls Participated In The Slim Thick Challenge: #SlimThickChallenge.

Challenges invaded social media about a year ago; taking the Internet by storm. Ever since, there a challenge goes viral every week. Most are from regular social media users, but a few celebrities are participating as well. This week we have the ‘Slim Thick Challenge‘ with the social hashtag #SlimThickChallenge. Last week was the #ThickAsHellChallenge. That challenge was strictly for the thick ladies and left a lot of women in unhappy and unable to participate. With the Slim Thick Challenge this week, all the girls can participate….well, most of them!

What is the Slim Thick Challenge (hashtag #SlimThickChallenge)? Well, it’s a picture game for all the slim on the waist, thick in the thighs and booty girls to come out and show themselves to the world. If you are one of the simi-curvy girls; one that stay away from cornbread, grits, Doritos and greasy fried chicken, the Slim Thick Challenge is for you! AND if you’re one of the fellas that cannot get enough of a slim thick girl, you have come to the right place because we have a list (with pictures) of the slim thick girls who took the challenge; a little eye-candy for ya!

Fellas, use the comment section below to rate the slim thick chicks…on a scale from 1-10.

Pictures of girls who participate on the Slim Thick Challenge and killed it!