Skin Bleaching Celebrities: 10 Black Celebs Who Have Bleached Their Skins – #10 IS SHOCKING!

Posted on Jan 20 2016 - 9:34pm by Ratchet Queens Staff

Skin Bleaching Celebrities – 10 Famous Black Celebs Who Think Less of Darker Skins! So They Bleached!

black skin breaching celebrities pictures

Skin Bleaching Celebrities! It comes to no surprise how people, especially celebrities like to alter their natural look and experimenting with all kind of ways to fulfilled with they perceived society wants from them. Of course when it comes to our skin we want it to look flawless on camera. But it starts to go too far when you start trying to alter the skin tone you were born with. I won’t understand it, because black is beautiful, and it seems like more and more black celebrities are being brainwashed. They think a lighter complexion is seen as more beautiful then darker skin and it’s just not true. So what skin bleaching celebrities of African ancestries are thinking when they do that to themselves?

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While White people and celebrities are getting laying all day on the sun, sauna and using other methods to get darker, getting lip injections to have bigger lips like black people, injecting their butts to have curvy body like us; these black celebrities are buying creams (commonly used by dark skinned Indian people) to make their skin lighter! I’m puzzled but not shocked. Society does treat the so-called ‘fair skin’ black people all around the world better than darker skin people. It is sad, but true! This is not a history class; so without further due, here is a list of black celebrities who have had their their skin bleached to look lighter before and after pictures.