SHOCKING New Pictures / Video Of Bishop Eddie Long Looking Like He Has AIDS, On Crack or Cancer!

Posted on Dec 29 2016 - 10:23pm by Ratchet Queens Staff

New Birth Missionary Baptist Church Pastor / Bishop Eddie Long emerges with massive weight loss fueling speculations he’s gotten aids, have cancer or doing crack cocaine! See before and after pictures / video

Meggachurch Pastor Bishop Eddie Long Emerges with Massive Weight Loss Before and After Pictures Videos

Since the scandal of megachurch bishop Eddie Long accused of coercing a male church member named Jamal Parris into a sexual relationship with him, his life and health has gone down the drain. The once buff, fit and muscular megachurch pastor turns into a skinny, sick and in the verge of death looking man many believe is due to either aids, crack cocaine usage, cancer or some other deadly diseases that may kill him any day now.

Bishop Eddie Long Muscle Shirts Pictures

Less than two months ago, bishop Eddie Long emerged at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church and claimed “I’m back and I’m healed.” However, the new version of the megachurch pastor sent shockwaves to social media and many of his followers are extremely concerned he’s either have aids, on crack cocaine or cancer is eating his soul. Some pictures and videos were posted on Facebook showing him looking super skinny and sick. The massive Eddie Long weight loss come out of no where! The before and after pictures/video are amazingly shocking!

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The muscle shirts bishop Eddie Long used to wear, showing off his muscular physique would look like robes on his new body. Sources reported that Long was hospitalized three times during his retreat from his very public life. It was around that time he loss massive weight. On October 22, 2016, there were speculations and rumors on social media that his pastor Eddie Long’s weight loss caused death at the age of 63.

Pastor Eddie Long Massive Weight Loss Pictures and Videos

Two days ago, Bishop Eddie Long popped out of no where and posted some pictures on his Instagram profile with the tag “No gift could compare to the blessing of being able to co-minister the gospel with my father on Christmas Day. Life, and a life in Christ with the ones that you love is greatest gift of all. #DontStopKeepGoing“. The pastor looks nearly unrecognizable. He later posted a picture with him and his son, Edward Long.

People started to post comments on Bishop Eddie Long’s new weight loss! Negative and positive statements.

Alicia Whiteon: “Wow…. May Gods’s healing hands be on him. He lost a whole person…..150 pounds when he really did not need to lose any weight. Plus he used to be into working out and lifting.”

Corey Andrew: “For the ignorant folks: Gay people die of things OTHER THAN AIDS. Especially with the advances in treatments for those with the virus. Like really.”

Sabrina Green: “Naww it is not due to raw vegan diet????”


Maureen Hinds: “Come on please we will continue to pray for you only God knows the truth.”

Kathryne Lewis: “Wow he’s lost a lot of weight. Looks totally different!”


Karen Ruffin Johnson Redeemed: “OMG, that is not a healthy look, praying for healing for him in Jesus name.”

Markell El Bey: “He slimmed down by eating fruits, seeds, and veggies… he said that it helped his high blood pressure.”

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