10 Celebrities Going Commando! No Underwear! #4 Will Shock You!

Posted on Nov 24 2015 - 7:51pm by Ratchet Queens Staff

2. Rihanna

RiRi, RiRi, RiRi… Miss Rihanna. Not shocked at all that she would be in this line up for celebrity women going commando. Rihanna doesn’t even like to wear clothes at all! So I can only imagine how it is for her every morning to have to put on clothes, especially around the winter time. Putting on even a jacket on the winter is killing her (I bet). Then again, that might be all that she has on with nothing else underneath. You gotta give it to RiRi though, she has a nice slim little body and definitely is not afraid to parade it in front of the camera. She’s an ‘A’ list celebrity with a lot of money to burn, so can do whatever she want. Don’t forget, been attention wh*res is how these celebrities make their living! RiRi is wins our 2rd award for one of the celebrities going commando and loves it!