Soul Singer Sade Daughter, Mickailia Taking Hormone Shots To Be A Man [PICTURES]!

Posted on Oct 29 2016 - 8:49am by Ratchet Queens Staff

Legendary singer Sade daughter Mickailia completely transformed into a man! See her new pictures

Soul Singer Shade Daughter Mickailia Taking Hormone Shots To Be A Transgender Man

If you grew up in the 90’s, you know that voice wherever and whenever you hear it. The sexiest, smoothest voice in soul music, the Smooth Operator soul singer is responsible for a lot of baby making back in the old days. Sade (real name Helen Folasade Adu) gave birth to one child (a girl) and like every other mothers, she expected her daughter to follow her footsteps. Mickaila, Sade daughter and only child had other plans.

Last month, Sade daughter announced that she was taking daily hormone shots to transform from a woman to a man! A few minutes later, the 21-year-old  (real name Mickailia Ila Morgan) posted on social media a barrage of pictures showing proof of her transformation under way with before and after shots.

Sade Daughter Sex Change Before and After Pictures

Via SandraRose:

Morgan suffers from Gender Dysphoria, a psychosexual disorder that causes individuals to believe they were born in the wrong body.

It is impossible for a genetic female to magically transform herself into a genetic male simply by taking testosterone shots.

Transgender advocates claim transgenders have male or female brains, and that they treat their disorder by taking excessive hormones to bring their bodies into alignment with their brains.

But doctors agree there is no such thing as a male or female brain.

Some experts believe transgenderism is the result of an ineffective parent-child relationship.

Sade’s relationship with her daughter was a rocky one dating from the time Mickailia was 17 years. She told her mother she was a lesbian and is deep into the lifestyle. Sade and Mickailia stopped talking and been in each other’s presence completely. Sade daughter disappeared and continued her lesbian lifestyle uninterrupted.

Sade and Daughter Mickailia Reunited With Huge Hug

However, in 1995 the two patched things up and hugged it out after Sade daughter posted an emotional plea to her famous mother. “the most important person in my life and you mean absolutely everything to me. So glad I got to spend the day with you hope you enjoyed yourself. Love you past the moon and back countless times,” Mickailia wrote.

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Progress Of Singer Sade Daughter Transformed Into A Man

Sade has never discussed publicly her daughter’s sexuality issues and we don’t expect any words from her either about her daughter’s new gender transformation. We have no idea if Sade daughter has any types of relationship with her also famous father; Jamaican born reggae artist and music producer Bob Morgan.

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We will definitely keep you updated with the progression of Sade daughter sex change. Stay tune!