RQ Glossary / Sitemap

How You Doing Ratchet Queens Readers. Every now and then we get emails asking us for definitions of urban words, acronyms, phrase, etc. We admire our readers, so much that we decided to add this page to help you guys define some of the urban words. Please let us know any urban words we’re missing and you think should be on the list!!! Send words using our Contact Us form.

Ratchet Queen: Usually blonde girl who is extremely ugly and is very stupid. Queen Ratchet is usually spotted near an amazing ginger boy. Urban Dictionary

Person 1: “Omg! Do you see her, she is so Ratchet!”
Person 2: ” I know she’s like the Queen Ratchet.”

Attention Whore: A person who goes to the extreme to gain the attention of others.

Bald Headed Beast: Amber Rose

Banger: Pretty Girl or Good Song

Bird: Stupid Female

Blowed: High on weed

Burned Out: Looking bad now, worn out, drugged out

Catch Fade: Fight

Chiefing: Smoking some type of illegal substance

Chopping Down: Having Sex (Especially if either of the couple is considerably bigger than the other)

Ci-ERROR: Ciara

Clucker/Cluckhead: Crack Smoker

Damage Control: When a celebrity tries to clean up their damaged image by doing something positive

Doing Way Too Much: The term speaks for itself

Dumped On: When a person is shot at or shot

End of Days: A rare event that could only happen in another lifetime

Funky Chicken: Seizures, heart attack, or drug overdose

Fu*kin’ for Tracks: A person who uses their “assets” to gain success in the music industry

Ganked: Stolen or stolen from

Ghost Face Killer: a person whose make up looks white

Grandma Get Up: An outfit that you’ve seen or could see your grandma wearing

GTFOH: Get the F*ck Outta Here

Gut Full Of Human: Pregnant

“Hard-Something Tough”: Really sweating the issue or emphasizing a point

Highbeams: crack head-bug eyes

Hit Up: Approached aggressively

Kamber: A mixture of Kanye West and Amber Rose

On Blast: Something or Someone that has been exposed

One-Time: Police, Cops

On Front Street: Some info being brought to light. (ON BLAST)

Popped: Caught doing something by whoever, mostly police.

Rats: Hood Rats (loose females)

Recession Blues: A bad financial situation brought on by the current state of the economy

Scripper: Stripper

SMH: Shakin’ My Head

Stan: Fan/Stalker…remember that Eminem song from back in the day?? “Stan”

Surgery Slip: When plastic surgery goes wrong or leaves someone distorted

Swirl, Swirlin’, Swirler: Interracial couple, Interracial dating, a person who dates outside of their race

Twinny Twin Twin/ Kush: Weed, Marijuana

Twitter Files: A multitude of tweets that cause controversy

Worser: the worst of the worst