R&B Singer Keyshia Cole VOTED For Donald Trump…Thank Him For Protecting Our Freedom!

Posted on Nov 21 2016 - 12:42pm by Ratchet Queens Staff

Keyshia Cole VOTED for Donald Trump; joins the list of a handful of our beloved black celebrities who voted him…See the list 13 others who did below!

Lil Wayne and Keyshia Cole Voted For Donald Trump

We could not make this up even if we wanted to ladies and gentlemen. With great sadness, you have to let our readers know that another one of our ‘own’ sided with devil. It’s true folks, R&B singer Keyshia Cole VOTED for Donald Trump! The ‘i should have cheated’ singer indeed cheated her fans and millions of African-Americans when she went to the poll and marked Trump, which is one of the reasons he’s president today.

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Keyshia Cole, however is not the only black celebrities who voted for Donald Trump. Rapper Lil Wayne also voted for the racist, sexist, compulsive and FAKE businessman who’s only riding on the back of his father’s hard work. They are both people the black community love and admire. Wayne and Keyshia Cole voting for Donald Trump is the ultimate betrayal; a stab on the back while we were not looking.

By voting for Trump, both Lil Wayne and Keyshia Cole endorsed his policy of putting black people back in chains and shipped to Mississippi, Alabama and other southern states to pick cotton for free while those who oppose get hanged, raped and whipped.

Keyshia Cole Voted For Donald Trump, Thank Him For Serving Our Country and Protecting Our Freedom

The same policy and treatments many of our great heroes died fighting against so people like Lil Wayne and Keyshia can become who they are today; a bunch of rich, spoiled and ungrateful little brats who zero knowledge of the history of blacks with people like Donald Trump and his band of KKK friends and supporters.

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Did Keyshia Cole and Lil Wayne really voted for Donald Trump? Yes, both did and bragged about it even.

Keyshia Cole VOTED for Donald Trump! What do you make of that? Will you continue to support her music career?