Picture Of Rihanna Kissing Her 2-Year-Old Niece Sexually On The Lips CAUSES Uproar! Social Media Reacts!

Posted on Nov 13 2016 - 10:58am by Ratchet Queens Staff

Pictures of Rihanna kissing her 2-year-old niece on the lips passionately popped up on Instagram and now social media wants her head on a stick!

Pictures of Rihanna kissing her 2-year-old niece on the lips

Rihanna has never given a damn about what anyone said about her whether it’s on social media or screaming at her from a distance while strolling down the mean streets. However, this one is really going to hurt because it’s very close to home. A picture posted on Instagram profile a few days ago showing Rihanna kissing her 2-year-old niece passionately and sexually on the lips and now social media wants her head delivers on a silver platter.

Rihanna Kisses Little Niece On The Lips Pictures

RiRi’s counsin, Noella Alstrom gave birth to the cute little girl on June 2014. Rihanna is often spotted with her niece playing mother figure, which at time signaling she’s ready to settle down and become a mother herself. But after the photo was circulated showing passionately Rihanna kissing her 2-year-old niece, some are beginning to question whether she’s fit to be an auntie, let along a mother and others claimed the kiss is too sexual.

“If u kiss a little girl’s lips That girl can let anyone… She think this good thing. And bad things…” eelifaydiin

Instagram user ‘eelifaydiin’ went hard at her after spotted the picture of Rihanna kissing her 2-year-old niece on the lips.

Please dont kiss childrens lips… Dear mothers and fathers…” @badgalriri

eelifaydiin is obviously very upset because she left a string of messages on RiRi’s IG account.

“She can will allow everybody in the future… Please dont kiss childrens lips…” @badgalriri

The user ‘coley8787’ agrees

“My thing is y is she naked as well regardless if its her niece or not this is just a strange picture I love ri ri but I just don’t get this pic”

Some of Rihanna’s hardcore fans come to her defense:

“why should she delete the photo (don’t mean to be rude but I don’t see anything wrong here)…” menty_bishhhhh

Riahanna Tongue Kisses 2 Year Old Niece Passionately! Cute or Sexual?

What do you think of the picture showing Rihanna kissing her 2-year-old niece? Is it too sexual or she’s just a loving auntie showing love to her cute baby niece?