EXCLUSIVE: Rihanna and Drake Are Dating Secretly? Drizzy Accidentally Revealed Status! [WATCH VIDEO]

Posted on May 19 2016 - 8:03am by Ratchet Queens Staff

Rihanna and Drake Dating or Just Friends? Drizzy accidentally revealed relationship status with RiRi on Allen DeGeneres TV show!

Is Rihanna and Drake dating?

Drake was in love with Nicki Minaj for a long time…ever since she got those butt implants and her breasts pumped, Drake wanted her. Nicki loves bad boys and thugs and Drake is neither. But, it seems like Drizzy has moved on…on to another R&B star with a lot of assets. Drake, 29 years old and Rihanna, 28 years young are all over each other these days. Besides twerking all over each other, Rihanna and Drake have been photographed a few times partying, hanging out and having late night dinners.

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So is Rihanna and Drake dating? That’s the question everyone has been asking since the two of the hottest music stars released their duo video “Work,’ which no one under 18 years old should be watching. The answer, according to Drake is YES! They are dating. Well, kind of. Drake. Drizzy appeared in the Ellen DeGeneres show a last night and Ellen took the full opportunity to get Drake to admit he’s dating Rihanna.

Rihanna, Drake hugging and Kissing

Drake didn’t really want to address his relationship status with Rihanna, but because of Allen’s persistence, he caved in. On the question whether Rihanna and Drake are dating, Allen says with a smile “You and Rihanna are friends and I know that,” Just friends? Only friends.” Meanwhile, pictures of Rihanna and Drake twerking all over one another were flashing on a big screen behind them. Of course Allen was teasing, but with a very sneaky motive; she wanted to catch Drake off guards and it worked.

“That’s friendship at its finest right there!” Drizzy said with a grin on his face after he looked at the screen behind him. “Me and my friends always do that,” Ellen responded. “I was with a friend of mine last week and we were like, ‘Let’s do this!’” Drake was visibly embarrassed by the whole episode; he put both of his hands over his face in attempt to get Allen to drop the conversation.

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Even though his statement revealed the deeply kept secret, both Rihanna and Drake continue to feed us the storyline that their relationship is strickly platonic. Rihanna and Drake may not be officially dating, but they’re clearly fooling around with each other. I have watch music videos where two artists of the opposite sex grinding and twerking all over each other, but not as passionate and real as Rihanna and Drake on “Work” music video.

RiRi always claim she’s single and fault her busy work schedule for that. However, back in March, People reported that Rihanna and Drake have been secretly dating for a little over a year. “They have been keeping it a secret because, this time around, they want to do it right and keep their relationship private,” the popular celeb magazine claimed.

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“We do well together as a team,” Drizzy said back in April. “I think we do great music together. It’s tough to do guy-girl collabs…I think [the chemistry] is what makes the records better, though. It’s something genuine there. We’re not forcing some story on people. A lot of the music that we make and the energy that we bring is genuine. We have a lot of genuine energy between us.” Tell us something we don’t already know!

Do you really believe Rihanna and Drake relationship is platonic or they’re screwing each other?

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