RHOA Star Kenya Moore PAID Boyfriend Matt Jordan To Date & Get Her Pregnant!

Posted on Mar 1 2016 - 1:51am by Ratchet Queens Staff

Kenya Moore paid boyfriend Matt Jordan serious money to date and inpregnanted her (reliable source)!

Kenya Moore paid boyfriend Matt Jordan to date and get her pregnant

We reported earlier this month (Feb. 13, 2016) that Kenya Moore was pregnant with her personal trainer boyfriend, Matt Jordan’s baby at the age of 45. But now we have even more disturbing news report about the reality TV star. Kenya has been trying to get pregnant for years. Kenya Moore and Matt Jordan, which was her personal fitness trainer at the time met a little over a year ago and started dating right away.

The news (not rumors) that Kenya Moore paid boyfriend Matt Jordan “soon to be baby daddy” to date and get her pregnant comes from a reliable TMZ source. We know for sure they’re not making this up, because they have numerous sources inside of celebrity homes (family, friends, neighbors) that are willing to dish out dirt to the celebrity gossip site. They sometimes pay those sources 1000s of dollars for dirt and juicy tips.

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According to the source, Kenya Moore paid her boyfriend Matt for every minute he appeared on the Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA) to be her love interest! The source claims Kenya will officially announce her pregnancy during the taping of the three-part Housewives reunion. Kenya has been offered a substantial amount of money by Bravo to remain quiet about her pregnancy in order to announce it when RHOA reunion airs in a weeks (exact date to be announced).

We believe every word the source has said, because Kenya Moore also paid her ex-boyfriend, Walter Jackson, a significant amount of money to act as her boyfriend in The Real Housewives of Atlanta “RHOA” season 7. Walter himself confirmed the reports that he and Kenya’s relationship was fake; make for TV. Now we know why Kenya Moore argued so much with Walter about now wanting to settle down!

“That’s my lady at the end of the day and it’s hurtful to me when people say malicious things about her. The brother that said that is very weak in my opinion, for going on a national campaign to try to slander her image. That guy has faded off into oblivion, and she’s still having to address or talk about a lie. She’s onto me now and I’m sitting here years later, and I have to address a lie that another man made. That’s a beautiful woman, and let’s use a little bit of common sense for a second. Why would a beautiful, intelligent, secure woman like Kenya have to pay a man to date her? It doesn’t make sense.”

Let us see… ummm, Kenya Moore paid boyfriend Matt Jordan AND her ex Walter to be with her; is she making this whole pregnancy thing up for attention? You decide!