RHOA Stars Cynthia and Peter Thomas Files For Divorce! Another Marriage Falls Victim To Reality TV

Posted on Apr 20 2016 - 6:35pm by Ratchet Queens Staff

Cynthia and Peter Thomas marriage on the rock…heading for divorce!!!

Cynthia and Peter Thomas divorce

Housewife no more, Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA) stars Cynthia and Peter Thomas has ended their marriage and Cynthia is filing for divorce soon. Another black marriage falls victim to reality TV drama. Most women (black or white) who risks broadcasting their marital issues live for the world to see end up divorcing or going their separate ways! So why do their do it? I guess the money and fame means for than “I Do” or “Til Death Do Us Part.” In the case of reality TV stars like Cynthia and Peter Thomas , it’s “Til Reality Do Us Part.”

Cynthia and Peter Thomas marital issues were exposed live on RHOA when Cynthia revealed a big problem with her marriage to Peter. I don’t think no man or marriage can survive what Cynthia had to say on national TV in front of millions of viewers. There were kitchen table talk that Peter hasn’t touched Cynthia Bailey for years. That he was no longer attracted to her. Cynthia also revealed that Peter Thomas is cheating on her with a young groupie who works at his bar in North Carolina.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas divorce

Peter moved to North Carolina claiming that he has to in order for his sports bar to be successful. Cynthia packed her stuff and moved to New York. Cynthia said on the recent episode of RHOA ““I really don’t know where Peter’s head is at right now. I don’t know where we are in this marriage. We have a lot of real issues that we’re dealing with. But you know it’s just another thing we put on the list.”

After weeks of speculations that Cynthia and Peter Thomas are heading for divorce, Cynthia finally comes forward and told Wendy Williams on her show, “I have been taking some time for myself to just kind of figure out how I would like to move forward.”  “We are definitely talking about taking steps to officially move forward in a different direction.” she continued.

Cynthia Baily dishes on the state of her marriage with Peter Thomas

Watching The Real Housewives last few episodes, everyone could see it was the beginning of the end for Cynthia and Peter Thomas rocky marriage. A Cynthia and Peter divorce finale should be announced soon and we’re all waiting to see what happens.

The drama we’ve witnessed between Cynthia and Peter’s marriage over the years have us asking this question again…is a paycheck and fame worth jacking up your marriage in front of millions of people?