Rebecca Liddicoat – 5 MUST Know Facts About RG3’s Ex-Wife & Baby Mama!

Posted on Sep 24 2016 - 2:49pm by Ratchet Queens Staff

4. On July 2015, Rebecca and RG3 got married

When and Where Did RG3 and Rebecca Get Married?

Three years later on July 2015, Rebecca and RG3 got married in a private wedding near her hometown of Boulder, Colorado in Denver Colorado’s luxurious Four Seasons hotel. The entire Redskins’s club was there, including teammates, coaches and owners.

RG3 said about his interracial marriage:

“We’ve certainly made progress, but I’m an analytical guy and I know there are still people that have issues with interracial marriages and that’s just what it is.” We had to deal with it, not necessarily at Baylor, but any time you walk around and people give you funny looks, you understand that some people aren’t going to agree with it, whether it be in the white community or the black community. We understood that when we decided to get married and have that relationship, and we’re willing to deal with it. It’s not as prevalent an issue as Doc [Rivers] or Charlie [Strong] had to deal with, so I think in that regard we have moved on, but I think more so it’s hidden in today’s society.”


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