Rebecca Liddicoat – 5 MUST Know Facts About RG3’s Ex-Wife & Baby Mama!

Posted on Sep 24 2016 - 2:49pm by Ratchet Queens Staff

3. Rebecca and RG3 got engaged in 2010 while still at Baylor University

When and Where Did RG3 and Ex Wife Rebecca Get Engaged?

RG3 proposed to Rebecca on October 23, 2010 after his torched rival college football team Kansas State, passing for 404 yards and threw four touchdowns.

Rebecca said to Baylor’s Alumni magazine

After the game, all of our parents were there, but they had already left us before we left the stadium. Robert was acting kind of strange, driving slow. He was stalling and coming up with things to do, and he said we have to go to the indoor facility. I wasn’t really expecting it. When we got there it was all dark, and then I realized something was happening.

In front of both his and her family members, RG3 sang a love song to Rebecca while receiving the engagement ring from his father. The couple looked very happy.


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