Rebecca Liddicoat – 5 MUST Know Facts About RG3’s Ex-Wife & Baby Mama!

Posted on Sep 24 2016 - 2:49pm by Ratchet Queens Staff

1. Rebecca and RG3 have a daughter together

Rebecca Liddicoat and RG3 kids

The now divorced couple has a daughter together they named Reese Ann Griffin. Reese was born on May 21, 2015. The pregnancy was made public for the first time via a twitter message from RG3:

BIG Thank You for making this Birthday a Special Day!!! This year’s gift will change Our life forever!!! #BoyOrGirl
Robert Griffin III (@RGIII) February 12, 2015

RG3 praised his ex-wife while giving an interview to Larry Michael in April 2015 on “Redskins Nation.”

“She’s doing good. She’s a rock star,” He said. “She’s been really taking the pregnancy one step at a time and I think she’s starting to get a little nervous now, but it’s been awesome. Our families have been really supportive, the team’s been really supportive.”


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