Rebecca Liddicoat – 5 MUST Know Facts About RG3’s Ex-Wife & Baby Mama!

Posted on Sep 24 2016 - 2:49pm by Ratchet Queens Staff

What do you know about RG3’s ex-wife, Rebecca Liddicoat? Nothing! & we’re almost certain!

Rebecca Liddicoat and RG3 Kissing

Very few knew anything about RG3’s ex-wife, Rebecca Liddicoat until recently. In fact, most of his fans; including me, had no idea he was even married with a child. The drama surrounding Robert Griffin III’s professional football career brought to the surface his marital issues and family drama.

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RG3’s career as we know it ended before it even begun. He was a failure with the Redskins in Washington, DC. He was just recently shipped to the Browns but didn’t even finish a game there. He got hurt after just a few plays and out for the season; his short career pretty much ended there. Rebecca Liddicoat and RG3’s marriage started showing signs of stress when the then 22-year old superstar suffered a dislocated ankle injury against the Jacksonville Jaguars on January 6, 2016.

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RG3 wife’s friends started to report to social media that Rebecca Liddicoat was stress and frustrated with her husband lack of communication and attention paying to her. RG3, her friends said when straight into isolation mode; cutting off his wife and everyone in his life, including his mother.

The darkest moment on RG3’s life put a lot of stress on the marriage and relationship. Rebecca & RG3’s marriage went downhill from there. On August 16, 2016, reports surfaced that the couple is heading to divorce court! Rebecca stayed out of her husband’s spotlight until then. Since she’s now finding herself on the news, we feel compel to dig out the most interesting things her and RG3 fans probably didn’t know about her.

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