Ray J Claims Kim Kardashian P*ssy Stinks in Newly Released Audio

Posted on Feb 6 2016 - 12:10am by Ratchet Queens Staff

Ray J says Kim Kardashian monkey smells funny!

Ray J and Kim Kardashian news

We couldn’t make this stuff up even if we wanted to folks! On Thursday evening some audio emerged out of nowhere with Ray J claiming Kim Kardashian p*ssy smells. Ray J made it clear he wanted to let everyone knows that Kim K’s monkey smells funny. He, however, told bossip that the audio is very old and he said that during a brainstorming session for his book “Death Of A Cheating Man.

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‘That was the old Ray J,” Norwood explained to BOSSIP, saying the writer had leaked the audio to make it seem recent, and he had no part in it. “I’m not that guy. I’m doing positive things now, I’m not trying to be on that old ish.”

He also told bossip during the “Don’t Be Scared” podcast.

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“I kind of let it be known that it was old audio and people was trying to bring up old stuff.. The devil just tried to come in with old stuff and derail what I’m tryna do but it won’t happen. […] Usually the rumors don’t matter to me but this one at this time with all this other controversy going on it was weak, it was corny and didn’t wanna be put into that state, I’m tired of being in that state.”

A search for the keyword ‘Kim Kardashian coochie‘ on Google yield results like ‘foul smelling discharge, discharge smell, fishy smell, feminine odor, vigina smell.’

Do you think Ray J’s claim that Kim Kardashian’s p*ssy stinks is true?