Rappers Ludacris, Big Boi, 2 Chainz NO SHOW For ‘ATL Invasion’ Super Bowl Concert! Was At NFL-sponsored Events

Posted on Feb 6 2017 - 12:10am by Ratchet Queens Staff

Rappers Ludacris, Big Boi, 2 Chainz DIDN’T show up for heavily promoted Friday night Super Bowl concert dubbed “ATL Invasion,” Luda performed at NFL-sponsored event instead!

Rappers Ludacris, Big Boi, 2-Chainz No Shows For ATL Invasion Concert In Atlanta Georgia

I know right away something wasn’t right when I showed up at the near-empty parking lot for what some of Atlanta’s most famous club/event promoters promised to be one of the wildest and crowded events of all time. Dubbed “ATL Invasion;” the highly promoted Super Bowl concert was supposed to feature rappers Ludacris, Big Boi, 2 Chainz and some well-known local artists.

However, because I arrived at FunPlex Entertainment Center around 10 p.m., I convinced myself that the event is going to be popping around midnight because that’s when people usually start to pour into clubs in Atlanta. The promotional flyers and radio broadcasting said doors will be opened at 8 p.m. After sitting on the parking for about 10 minutes, I decided to go in.

I told myself “hey, don’t worry, this is ATL Invasion with Ludacris, Big Boi, 2 Chainz. People will start crashing this place in about 30 minutes.” Fast forward to 11:15 p.m.; 1 hour and 15 minutes after I walked into FunPlex’s door, NO ONE else showed up!

As a result, I approached the guy with a big camera and said to him “something ain’t right.” The dude who introducted himself as Ryon Horne; The Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s (AJC) videographer replied “this was the first concert being staged at FunPlex since changing to new management a few weeks ago, the party animals should be on their way.” “I hope so,” I said back to Ryon.

At around 11:45 p.m. two unknown local rappers grabbed the microphones and spit out a few rhymes trying to keep the twelves of so attendees awake and entertained. Around half pass midnight, Atlanta-based R&B singer Kierra Shunte sang a couple rock-style songs with a live band. Kierra then disappeared backstage, and I and the dozen or so attendees waited some more!

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At 1:15 a.m a security guard got on stage and put us out of our misery.  “Ludacris, Big Boi, 2 Chainz backstage showed up but decided to leave because they didn’t wanna to perform in front of a few people,” he said. As for the local artists, “they had other obligations,” he informed us.

Pissed off, I grabbed my iPhone 6 and called a friend of mine who was at an NFL-sponsored event and told him what we just experienced. He said both Ludacris and Big Boi were in attendance there until at around 10 p.m. and said their were heading to the ‘ATL Invasion‘ concert!

The next morning I called management and left a message. It’s is now Sunday 5:30 p.m.; 30 minutes before the Atlanta Falcons vs New England Patriots Super Bowl game kickoff starts and I have not heard from them!

I paid $40 for “ATL Invasion” with Ludacris, Big Boi, 2 Chainz and costs $20 for parking. Two days later, I have not gotten a refund for the ticket. I know I expect to lose the $20 paid to park, but not for the highly anticipated concert that NEVER happened! I’ve contacted Eventbrite where I purchased the event ticket asking for a refund and waiting!

Rapper 2 Chainz is scheduled to perform at FunPlex today (Super Bowl Sunday) for a concert dubbed “Champion’s Celebration” starting at midnight.

I hope those attending have a better experience than I and the dozen or so attendees on Friday night for the “ATL Invasion” concert.