Rappers Future and Nicki Minaj Are DATING! Ex-Fiance Ciara, “I Feel Betrayed, Shocked”…But WHY?

Posted on Mar 2 2017 - 1:04am by Ratchet Queens Staff

The news and rumors that famous rappers Future and Nicki Minaj are dating reportedly sent ex-fiance and baby mama Ciara into a rage! By WHY is Ciara so mad?

Rappers Future and Nicki Minaj Are Dating Sending Ex Fiance and Baby Mama Ciara Into Rage

Why is Ciara feels betrayed and shocked that ex-fiance, baby daddy and rappers Future and Nicki Minaj are dating when she’s married and expecting a baby with husband Russel Wilson? It is reported that ‘Body Party’ singer got very angry and went into a rage when she learn the news that Nicki Minaj and Future are involved in a romantic relationship.

A source told RQ “Ciara feels betrayed that Nicki [Minaj] could possibly be hooking up with her ex Future.” “Ciara was surprised to hear that Nicki is doing a song with Future, and more shocked that Nicki and Future could be hooking up. Nicki and Ciara have known each other for years which makes Ciara feel a little stunned that Nicki would want anything at all to do with Future,” the snitch continued.

Nick Minaj and Rapper Future Pictures

Future and Nicki Minaj dating news and rumors really took off after the Anaconda singer shared a number of pictures of Future on her Instagram profile. The ‘Low Life’ rapper followed Nicki’s posts with his own by uploading multiple videos of himself and Nicki bae rocking matching diamond watches with the caption. The back-and-forth posts made it official that Future and Nicki Minaj are dating!

Nicki Minaj and Future Dating News and Rumors

Why is ex-fiance and baby mama Ciara so angry of the news that her baby daddy Future and Nicki Minaj are dating? Well, for one Future used to hang out with Nicki when he was engaged to Ciara and she was carrying his baby. Secondly, before this news, Ciara and Nicki Minaj were friends. She feels betrayed and shocked because Future is smashing the homie…and that violates of the celebrity dating code of conducts.

Do you think it’s Ciara’s business that Future and Nicki Minaj are dating?

Nicki Minaj and Future Wearing Matching Diamond Watches Pictures

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