FROM RAG TO RICHES: 25 Celebrities That Were Homeless Before Fame and Money!!!

Posted on Dec 2 2015 - 12:22am by Ratchet Queens Staff

24. Steve Jobs


The tech guru that has changed the electronics and smart phones of the world for Apple products was once in the struggle too. You truly never know what all a person has been through, so during his 2005 commencement speech at Stanford University he spoke of how he didn’t have a dorm room, slept on friends floors. He’d even recycle coke bottles for 5 cents just so he could eat.

Jobs returned Coke bottles for 5-cents just so he could scrape up enough to eat. He was even homeless in India while he was in search for a Buddhist guru. Steve definitely pushed himself to think outside the box and for that technology has forever been changed. WOW yah, Steve Jobs is the most successful out of this list of celebrities that were homeless before becoming famous and rich.