FROM RAG TO RICHES: 25 Celebrities That Were Homeless Before Fame and Money!!!

Posted on Dec 2 2015 - 12:22am by Ratchet Queens Staff

From Rag to Riches: Celebrities That Where Homeless

25. Tyler Perry

was tyler perry homeless

Tyler Perry was born in New Orleans, Louisiana and went by the name Emmitt Perry Jr., his three siblings and him were regular beaten by their father. When Perry was a child he attempted to commit suicide to get away from his horrible father. At 10 years old Perry was molested by a friend’s mother and was also molested by three men after to that. By age 16, Perry legally changed his name from Emmitt to Tyler since he wanted nothing to do with his father’s name.

Come to find out later Emmitt wasn’t even his real father. At 22 years old Tyler took his life savings of $12,000 and moved to Atlanta at the 22 and preformed his first screenplay, “I Know I’ve Been Changed”, but it was a huge fail. He was forced to live out his car in the Atlanta streets but it did not stop him from continuing to write. He now is one of the most successful screenwriters, actors, and producers in this lifetime. Despite all the abuse, trials and tribulations Tyler faced, he came out on too on the end. Hard work will always play off!