Rae Carruth Son Wants To Meet Scumbag Daddy Who Killed His Mother While In Her Wound At The Prison’s When Release In 2018

Posted on Oct 23 2016 - 7:33pm by Ratchet Queens Staff

Rae Carruth son, Chancellor Lee Adams is a Pathers’ fan and want to be the first face his mother’s killer and daddy sees when he gets out of prison in 2018!

Rae Carruth Son Chancellor Lee Adams Wants To See His Father When He Gets Out Of Prison

If you are a sports fan or media junkie like me you will remember the sad story of Rae Carruth son, Chancellor Adams, his mother and Ray Carruth’s murdered girlfriend, Cherica Adams who was carrying his unborn child. Carruth, the former North Carolina Panthers rising star receiver paid a thug and club manager named Van Brett Watkins Sr back in 1999 to kill his pregnant girlfriend so he would not pay child support when his son is born! He shot Cherica four times on the stomach.

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The scumbag (real name: Rae Lamar Wiggins) succeed in killing his girlfriend and baby mama, Cherica Adams. However, the child, Rae Carruth son; she was carrying for him miraculously survived, but with serious brain damages and disabilities as a result of lack of blood circulating in the vain of his dead mother. The brave young pregnant woman and already mother to a young boy named Raelondo Wright was strong enough to altered the words “Rae Carruth killed me” before she passed away. The doctors were able to save the unborn child from Cherica’s dead wound.

Van Brett Watkins Sr, the man who pulled the trigger pleaded guilty to second-degree murder, conspiracy to commit first-degree murder and was sentence to life in prison. Rae was given 20 years as a co-conspirator. Fast forward years later, at the age of 19 years old, Chancellor’s father and mother’s killer will be getting out of prison in 2018 and his grandmother, Saundra Adams who raised the cerebral palsy child for the last 19 years wants him to be the first person Rae sees when he steps out of the prison’s gate in 2018. “Maybe I can just talk to him and tell him some important things about what his son his doing,” she said.

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Below is a video of Chancellor Adams, Rae Carruth son working through his cerebral palsy and other disabilities. Courtesy of Charlotte News & Observer.

Credit: AP News/Charlotte News & Observer