Remember GORGEOUS Felon, Jeremy Meeks? He Has A Mansion And Maserati Now!

Posted on Jan 5 2017 - 2:38am by Ratchet Queens Staff

Jeremy Meeks, the pretty eyes felon who melted women panties back in 2014 has a BIG house and drives a brand new Maserati [PICTURES]

Pretty Eyes Felon Jeremy Meeks New Maserati Car and Big House! Where Is He Now?

I can see Jeremy writing a book entitled “From Felon to Mansion and Maseratii” and see it making the New York Times Best Seller’s list. Why? Well, the ex-felon had thousands of women dropping their panties and hundreds of modeling agencies fighting for him while he was in Jail for robbery when black man and women were getting shot and killed just for running away from the police. His case is a classic example of “white privilege.”

God is good

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I’m done venting now, so let’s cover the news at hand. I know ya remember GORGEOUS and SEXY felon, Jeremy Meeks; specially the ladies. Have you ever wondered ‘where is he now?’ Well, he’s doing WAY better than most would expect. In fact, Jeremy Meeks is filthy rich now! The jailbird’s pictures went viral after they were posted on social media in 2014.

Good to be home

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The ‘pretty eyes felon’, thirsty women dubbed Meeks. After getting out of jail, Jeremy signed a number of lucrative endorsements and modeling gigs. The money he owns affords him a lavish lifestyle and enables him to take care of his big family. The felon is living the life with a beautiful house; a mansion and a brand new Maserati [PICTURES]. He showcases his wealth on his Instagram profile to show the whole world that you can break the law and still get rich if you’re white!


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Do you think Jeremy would be rich with a mansion and Maserati if he was black?

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