POSITIVE: 21 Famous Celebrities with HIV or AIDS ! How Did They Get It? Died Or Living?

Posted on Nov 17 2016 - 4:17pm by Ratchet Queens Staff

Charlie Sheen is not the only celebs with a deadly STD, there are 20 celebrities with HIV or AIDS in Hollywood currently! How did they get it? #15 is SHOCKING

List of Positive Famous Celebrities With HIV, AIDS and STDs

Where ever you turn you will either find someone you know personally or a friend of a friend has HIV or AIDS; it’s norm now. The good news; advanced technology is allowing people to live longer with the currently unreachable monster that’s killing people around the world by the millions. We regular people, however, always like to think celebrities are pure and not vulnerable to sexual transmitted diseases like the rest of us. The fact is, there are a lot of celebrities with HIV and AIDs today.

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It is more common to find a higher percentage of celebrities with HIV or AIDS because the number of celebs are very small comparing to the general population. Couple reckless behaviors with fame, millions of dollars, with high sexual appetite, you have a receipt for disaster; a long list of celebrities with HIV and other STDs.

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Some of the celebrities with HIV, AIDs and other STDs on this list you probably would have never guessed carrying the deadly disease. This is not a post to make fun of Charlie Sheen or other HIV positive celebrities…we simply want to point out that, HIV doesn’t care about ethnicity, race, color, social, fame or financial status.

1. Rock Hudson

How Did Rock Hudson Get HIV and AIDS?

One of the first famous celebrities to reveal his HIV positive diagnosis. Rock was the leading man in many 1950’s and 1960’s movies. Back in 1985. How did Rock Hudson get HIV or Aids? there was a claim that the actor got HIV from a blood transfusion during an earlier operation. But with speculation it was rumored he was a undercover gay man and had unprotected sex!

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