Peter Gunz and Tara Wallace Baby Pictures Share For The First Time …Wife Amina Buddafly Currently Pregnant With His 10th Baby!

Posted on Mar 18 2016 - 8:01am by Ratchet Queens Staff

Peter Gunz and Tara Wallace share photos of their son…wife Amina also pregnant with his 10th child…his net worth is $50k! So who will take care of those kids?

Peter Gunz and Tara Wallace with his wife Amina Buddafly

He’s name is not Peter Gunz for no reason. Hey look, the dude keeps gunning for more babies and those retarded reality TV chicks and groupies are more than willing to swallow his seeds. Peter Gunz and Tara Wallace announced the birth of their baby boy on February, but the world never knew how the baby looks until now.

Peter Gunz and Tara baby photos

The reality star shared photos for the first time of little Gunner Ethan Pankey for the first time since birth. However, she didn’t say whether she still in a relationship with Peter Gunz. Oh, we almost forget; Peter Gunz is also currently expecting a baby with his wife Amina BuddaflyHow many kids does Peter Gunz have? Well, with Tara’s new baby and his wife Amina Buddafly pregnant; Peter will be gunning for his 10th kids.

Tara Wallace and Peter Gunz baby pictures

That will be his 10th and we’re almost certain there are more groupies out there waiting in lines to give him more babies…SMH. At the age of 49 (born January 6, 1967), Peter Gunz seems to spreading his baby love to whomever willing to accept it.  With Peter Gunz’s net worth of $50 Thousand, he cannot afford to take care of all those kids…so the tax payers will!

Via Life & Style Magazine:

In an exclusive photo shoot with Life & Style Weekly, Love & Hip Hop star Tara Wallace introduces her third son with Peter Gunz, Gunner Ethan Pankey, who was born at 1:25 a.m. on Feb. 13, weighing in at 6 pounds, 15 ounces.

“I think he looks like me!” Tara gushes to Life & Style during an interview at her Queens, N.Y., home. “He has my complexion, eye shape and pointy nose.”

Tara tells Life & Style that though there is “nothing romantic” with her children’s father, he is very caring and involved. Peter is currently married to singer Amina Buddafly, who’s reportedly expecting her second baby with him.

Peter was at the hospital for the birth, obviously,” says Tara. And she says that he arrives at 7:30 every morning to take son Jamison to school and spend time with middle child Kaz.

“He’s a good, fun dad,” she says, adding that he named the boys. “I’ve learned a lot from him on being a little more patient.”

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