Pam Grier Tells THE REAL Ladies “I Owns Her Sexuality” [VIDEO]!

Posted on Jan 4 2017 - 1:07am by Ratchet Queens Staff

Foxy Brown actress Pam Grier went to THE REAL show and told the ladies “I Owns Her Sexuality,” see the video, before and after pictures

Foxy Brown Actress Tells The Real Ladies I Own My Sexuality Video

“On Tuesday, January 3, actress and 1970s star Pam Grier opens up about owning her femininity, particularly in her portrayal of such iconic characters as “Foxy Brown.” She also weighs in on the importance of today’s female celebrities embracing their own sexuality.” The Real

Pam Grier: I owned my femininity. And I wasn’t doing it in a crass way nor did I do Coffy, one, two, three the porn version or Foxy Brown five, six, seven, eight. It was just one statement of owning your beauty and that don’t be afraid of it. And then there’s no mystery.” The Real

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