SHM: White Actress Charlize Theron CAUGHT Hitting, Abusing and DRAGGING Her Adopted BLACK Son in Public!

Posted on Feb 27 2016 - 1:38am by Ratchet Queens Staff

Adopted black boy dragged, kicked, hit by her white celebrity mother (actress Charlize Theron)  in public!

Charlize Theron abuses adopted black boy pictures

I know it tough been a parent, but the challenges of parenting doesn’t give anyone an excuse to abuse, drag and hit your child in public or behind close doors. That’s exactly what white actress Charlize Theron was CAUGHT doing to her adopted BLACK child yesterday. Charlize Theron might be this rich award winning actress, but he’s failing miserably as a parent; especially the parent of a black boy.

It becomes fashionable for white Hollywood actresses and actors to adopt and sport around black kids. It makes them look cool, human, non-racist and it keeps them in the media because paparazzi loves that. It’s a fact that the black boys or girls will have a better life financially. Charlize Theron is not exception to the norms.

Those adopted kids are often live in sub-human environment and getting adopted by a rich celebrity brings instantly the things they need or can ever imagine they could get. However, things are not often what they seem. Those people don’t really care about a black boy or girl, they’re often looking for more media attention…they are media hoes and will do anything to make the next headline.

What actress Charlize Theron was caught doing to that little black boy in public is inhuman and unacceptable. If she’s abusing, kicking, and dragging that little black boy in public like that; what is she really doing to him behind close doors when no one is watching? That little boy is obviously running from something…could it be all the beating at home?

After watching the pictures of Charlize Theron dragging that little black boy around, all I could think of was Samuel L. Jackson in that movie “Losing Isaiah” telling that white lady and her lawyer ‘black babies belong to black mothers.’ It breaks my heart as a black woman with two black boys.

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  • Big Mama

    Whom ever stood there and took those photos, should have also called CPS and the Police on this woman, with the license plate number and description of the car. Did ANYONE stop what was happening to this child? Question the woman as to what the hell is going on, why is this child running away from her, why is he crying and screaming?
    If no onlookers did any of these things in defense of this child…then maybe, Charlize should kick the asses of the onlookers for letting what looks like a child being abused get away with it, especially in broad daylight, and out in public.

    This should have been questioned, and investigated. Parenting is not easy, we know that. Something is clearly not right going on here. I would have spoken up for the child. The hell with her feelings at that point. She is the adult, she can defend herself. Photographer, what else did you do about this situation besides taking pictures or video??