OMG! K Michelle and Joseline Hernandez Caught Hugging & Kissing! Where is Stevie J?

Posted on Dec 9 2015 - 9:27pm by Ratchet Queens Staff

K Michelle and Joseline Hernandez Hugging, Kissing and Rubbing Booties


K Michelle and Joseline Hernandez kissing in boat

The pictures show K. Michelle caressing Joseline Hernandez’ booty, followed by a nice kiss on the cheek. Um, no, unfortunately I’ve never done this with my bestie, but I guess K Michelle and Joseline Hernandez have a different type of relationship then other best friends do.

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K. Michelle took to Instagram and let’s it be known that Joseline Hernandez is her lollipop, and posted some photos of the two ‘love birds’ with Joseline on all fours; her eyes closed looking like she’s in “ecstacy”. It also sounds like K Michille and Joseline are working on their own reality show or at least shopping for one!