OMG: O.J. Simpson Daughter, Sydney Brooke Simpson Looks Fat, Ugly and Disgusting 22 Years Later (PICS)!

Posted on Aug 18 2017 - 6:57am by Ratchet Queens Staff

O.J. Simpson daughter, Sydney Brooke Simpson resurfaced after People v. O.J. Simpson show released!

O.J. Simpson with his kids at Nicole Brown Simpson funeral

O.J. Simpson with daughter Sydney and son Justin at Nicole Brown Simpson’s funeral.

NEWS UPDATE:Our source hunted down Sydney Brooke Simpson and found her entering a run-down trailer park in Winter Heaven, Florida with a BIG bottle of Tequila and a 24-pack of Rolling Rock beer! O.J. and Nicole Brown Simpson’s precious little 7-year old daughter is now a fat, messy alcoholic and possibly drug addict 30 year old woman! Meanwhile, some of her family members live in mansions in Atlanta, Georgia.

NEWS UPDATE: Sydney’s father, O.J. Simpson, who was acquitted in killing her mother Nicole Brown Simpson but convicted to 25+ years in prison in unrelated charges (armed robbery when he attempted to recover his football paraphernalia) was granted parole after serving 9+ years. Rumors have it that he will be moving in with his Sydney in Florida after getting released in October! What do you think…should she takes him in?

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Remember that cute and adorable picture of O.J. Simpson daughter, Sydney Brooke Simpson at 8 years old when her mother was supposedly killed by her father and left for them to find? Well, that cute and adorable little girl is now looking fat, ugly and disgusting at the age of 30.

Remember that cute and adorable picture of O.J. Simpson daughter, Sydney Brooke Simpson at 8 years old when her mother was supposedly killed by her father and left for them to find? Well, that cute and adorable little girl is now looking fat, ugly and disgusting at the age of 30.

O.J. Simpson daughter Sydney and boyfriend Robert Blackmon

O.J. Simpson daughter Sydney and boyfriend Robert Blackmon

Why are we revisiting this case? Well, The case that rocked and divided the nation amongst racial line is back! the media is following O.J. Simpson daughter, Sydney Brooke Simpson around because a TV show called People v. O.J. Simpson on it’s 2nd episode is getting very popular and talked about all over social media and news outlets. Cuba Gooding Jr. plays O.J. Simpson.

People vs O.J. Simpson tv show starring Cuba Gooding Jr

So where is O.J. Simpson daughter, Sydney Brooke Simpson? Sydney, now 30, lives undetected and unrecognized in St. Petersburg, Florida; a small town near Tampa, FL. She was pictured running errands around the neighborhood, walking her dog and taking the trash out.

O.J. Simpson daughter Sydney walking her dog in St. Petersburg, FL

O.J. Simpson daughter Sydney walking her dog in St. Petersburg, FL

So how old was O.J. Simpson daughter, Sydney and Justin when O.J. was accused of murdering their mother? Sydney was only 8 and Justin, 5 when O.J. was put on trial accused of murdering their mother, Nicole Brown Simpson. O.J., was eventually found not guilty in a verdict that shocked White people but welcomed joyfully by Black people. It appeared as a victory for African-American against White injustice. It was rumored that O.J. purposely left his wife’s decapitated and decomposed body for the Sidney and Justin to see.

O.J. with Nicole Brown Simpton and the kids pictures

O.J. with Nicole Brown Simpton and the kids

O.J. Simpson is currently serving time in a prison in Las Vegas, Nevada for a second crime he claimed was a setup as payback for getting beating the Nicole Brown Simpson high profile case. O.J. went to a hotel to recover stolen sports memorabilia. He was charged with robbery.

O.J. Simpson in court/trial for second case

O.J. Simpson in court/trial for second case

On December 5, 2005 O.J. was sentenced to 33 years in prison with eligibility for parole in nine years (in October 2017). The same police officer who vowed to get revenge on O.J. Simpson for killing a white girl was the same officer who arrested him in the hotel!

O.J. Simpson son Justin

O.J. Simpson son Justin

Do you still O.J. did it or didn’t do it? What do you think of O.J. Simpson daughter, Sydney Brooke Simpson new look?

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    How could anyone say that about her, or her brother? 🙁 Her father brutally killed her mother when she was a child. Most of us have experienced trauma, but it was such a high profile case that her life has never been the same. Yes, she has gained weight, but she’s not ugly or disgusting. She needs help. Heaven forbid you ever struggle with weight.

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    She looks fine. Her father was never convicted of killing anyone.
    He was found Not Guilty at trial, by a California Jury.

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      OJ being found not guilty was a travesty of justice. Everyone knows he killed Nicole and Ron. Btw, the words ‘not’, ‘guilty’ and jury are not proper nouns and should not be capitalized.

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        Verdict was Not Guilty by a California jury.

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