NO BLACK MEN ALLOWED: Victoria Secret’s ONLY Black Supermodel, Jasmine Tookes New Boyfriend Is ANOTHER White Man! [PICTURES]

Posted on Dec 7 2016 - 1:11pm by Ratchet Queens Staff

Jasmine Tookes – Only one of three Victoria Secret black supermodels to walk their $3ml diamond ‘Fantasy Bra’ on the runway has ANOTHER White boyfriend! Tobias Sorsensen is EX out [PICTURES]

Victoria Secret's Supermodel Jasmine Tookes Has A New Boyfriend! See Who He Is

Successful black men like actors, athletes, entertainers and even lottery winners for years held the winning trophy for dishing black women for the ‘more accepted by society’ white women. Some claim it’s because white girls take better care of themselves, help them invest/save their money instead of spending it on fancy stuff, and better for business because places their go require them to have a classy looking girl in their arms. Nothing new her! Today, we want to announce that Victoria Secret’s supermodel, Jasmine Tookes is one of many putting black girls in the run to compete for the grand prize in 2016 and beyond.

Victoria Secret Supermodel Jasmine Tookes New Boyfriend Jerome Duran

Black women for years have been bashing and giving black men flacks; calling them Uncle Tom, confused, loss and low self-esteem bastards who have forgotten black women gave birth to them after getting a little bit of money and fame.  Well, newly famous supermodel Jasmine Tookes might be only the third black woman in history to rock Victoria Secret’s $3 million dollars diamond studded ‘Fantasy Ba,’ but she’s NOT, by a long shot, the only black woman choosing to date white men over blacks.

The 2016 Bright Night Fantasy Bra✨

Một bức ảnh do Jasmine Tookes (@jastookes) đăng vào

In 2016, the rate of black women; specially the rich and famous celebrities dating and marrying white males are growing at a higher rate than black males dating or marrying white women! Thanks for huge campaign by black women labeling black men as undesirable and broke baby daddies who abandon their kids. The negative publicity pave way for black girls like Jasmine Tookes to run white men’s harms when they find themselves with a little success and 15 minutes of fame.

PICTURES: Victoria Secret Model Jasmine Tookes Kissing Ex Boyfriend Tobias Sorsensen

In just a little over two years, Jasmine Tookes have dated two white men. She dumped her ex-boyfriend Tobias Sorsensen and was spotted hugging and kissing famous celebrity fashion photographer and director, Jerome Duran. Jasmine Tookes and Tobias Sorsensen used to go EVERYWHERE together and posted pictures  on Snapchat and Instagram of themselves all the time. He is, however, nowhere to be found on her latest photos. Instead, she was photographed getting kissed on the neck from behind by Jerome Duran during the Victoria Secret 2016 Fashion Show! A source close to the supermodel said they’re dating and very much in love.

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