MEET Nikki-OHIO aka #LOVENICOCOA – The Big Booty Spider Stripper & IG Model BREAKING The Internet With Pole Dancing! [PICTURES/VIDEOS]

Posted on Nov 1 2016 - 7:20pm by Ratchet Queens Staff

Nikki-OHIO aka #LOVENICOCOA – the big booty spiderwoman stripper and Instagram model breaks Internet with sexy pole dancing video in spiderman suit!

Nikki OHIO aka LovelyNicocoa Big Booty Spiderwoman Stripper Video

WOW, no one expected this. But in the age of social media, no one expect anything these days. Meet Nikki-OHIO aka #LOVENICOCOA; the big booty spiderwoman stripper and Instagram model breaking the internet. In just one day, she has taken the social media by storm. Nikki posted a video on her IG profile where she’s stripping on a pole wearing a complete spiderwoman suit. I mean, she’s a spiderwoman with a big mega and sexy booty and everyone is taking notice.

Sexy Pole Dancer With Spiderman Suit

After the big bootay spiderwoman stripper and IG model posted the videos on Instagram, her profile shot up to 450k+ Check followers. Like every other social media h*o, Nikki-OHIO aka #LOVENICOCOA seized on the opportunity and created her own website We don’t know what the site will be yet cause it has a coming soon message when visited. Check out video clips of Nikki twerking in her leggings and spiderwoman outfits.

Nikki wrote this on her snapchat “LOVENICOCOA” after people started questioning whether her booty was real or fake:

“Hi I’m Nikki let me explain. Excuse the crassness of this video. But I was born in Dayton OH. I like COLLARD GREENS AND CORN BREAD BABY!! Is it real?? Is it soft?? Is it butt pads?? Can’t be! Thighs don’t match! Listen I eat. My butt is actually a problem area and it’s ALL fat. It’s the only place I store fat cells. I don’t have a muscle butt. Not wearing butt pads. I constantly rub it down @lovelynicocoa”

Watch Nikki-OHIO aka #LOVENICOCOA big booty spider stripper and IG model pole dancing videos below and let us know if you think her booty is fake. I think they are because they look too perfect. LMAO!

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