CONGRATS: Joseline Hernandez Baby Girl With Stevie J Is Born! Name Is Bonnie Bella [PICTURES]

Posted on Dec 29 2016 - 7:50am by Ratchet Queens Staff

 BREAKING NEWS: Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star Joseline Hernandez baby girl is born! It’s a healthy girl they named Bonnie Bella; Puerto Rican Princess’ first!

Joseline Hernandez Baby Girl With Stevie J Is Born Her Name Is Bonnie Bella Pictures

After a few crazy months of drama, accusations, trash talking and fights, Love and Hip Hop Atlanta star Joseline Hernandez baby with Stevie J is born. He’s once more a baby daddy; a beautiful and healthy girl they named Bonnie Bella. Joseline expressed her gratefulness to her higher power and readiness for motherhood for the first time.

Joseline Hernandez First Baby Pictures

Joseline Hernandez Baby Pictures

Stevie J was present at the hospital ground for his ex-girlfriend turned baby mama, Joseline Hernandez baby delivery but NOT in the room because he had made it clear that she didn’t want him there while going into labor. The Puerto Rican princess live tweet her contractions while VH1 cameras rolling with friends and family member capturing every moment.

Joseline Hernandez Baby Bonnie Bella Pictures

“This b*tch think she bad that’s all you got hoe #Contractions fight the fight she ain’t got enough 4 me come thru ho*,” Joseline tweeted during her contractions.

Joseline Hernandez Baby Girl Photos

Joseline Hernandez Baby Photos

We all know that Joseline botches the English language every chance she gets. She pretty much created her own unique way of expressing herself.

Despite rumors and reports, Joseline Hernandez baby is Stevie J’s. She may have not wanted him near their baby girl when she’s born, but he was near the facility; near enough to hear her scream, a source said. It’s evident that Stevie J saw Joseline Hernandez baby girl shortly after she was born because he tweeted how beautiful she was.

Want it or not, Stevie is going to be in both Joseline and their baby Bonnie Bella‘s life. Puerto Rican Princess is his new baby mama, he is Bonnie Bella father and Joseline baby daddy! Oh wow, I even confused myself with that one.

Do you think Joseline Hernandez baby girl is really Stevie J’s? Does she look anything like daddy?


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