NEW REALITY TV: “The Amber Rose Show,” Premieres On VH1, July 8! Will You Watch?

Posted on Jun 21 2016 - 3:00am by Ratchet Queens Staff

The Amber Rose Show; by Dr. Phil – premieres Friday July 8, 2016 on VH1 channel! YAY or NAY?

When and what channel is the Amber Rose Reality Show

The Amber Rose show? Wow, are there any high fashion, dramatic and fake body parts chicks out there without a reality TV show? Because of those requirements, I cannot get my own show. Enough of my venting, let’s talk about Wiz Khalifa’s baby mama and Kanye West’s ex-girlfriend. Rose spilled the beans on her upcoming reality show, which will be airing on VH1 channel every Friday starting July 8, 2016.

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The Amber Rose show will be interesting because it is produced by the self-acclaimed psychologist and relationship adviser, Dr. Phil and his youngest son, Jay. If anyone knows know to make lemomade out of lemon, it’s Dr. Phil. The new reality show will covers topics ranging from relationships, pop culture, single mothers and sex; Amber Rose’s favorite topic of all.

The Amber Rose Show premieres July 8 2016 on VH1 produces by Dr Phil

“I did a segment on ‘The Doctors’ about slut-shaming which coincided with my Slut Walk,” said the 32 year old.  “Dr. Phil saw it and said that I needed my own talk show. I was surprised he reached out to me; it’s an unlikely pairing, but when we began to talk we meshed well and understood each other, which is really most important. He is a feminist in his own right.” Rose continued. I don’t know about Dr. Phil (real name Phillip Calvin McGraw) been a feminist, but he has his ways with the ladies.

It is yet to be determined if “The Amber Rose Show” will be a hit or not in today’s overcrowded reality TV land, but we do know she has over 11 million followers on social media that have dubbed her “Muva Love,” it’s worth giving a try. The well-known sex expert, Dr. Chris Donahue will also featured on the show.

Asking her who inspired “The Amber Rose Show,”  Rose expressed how much she loves Wendy Williams and hope to be like her one day. “I love Wendy [and] I listened to Wendy on the radio growing up before she had a talk show.” Rose says. “She just didn’t give a f–k and that was so inspiring. With my talk show I also don’t give a f–k, but I don’t come from a malicious place. I just say how it is. I pride myself on being an open book and I am extremely relatable. I did not grow up with money — I’m a down-home South Philly girl and I don’t give a s–t because I have lived that life.

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Another ex-stripper and rapper baby mama (Wiz Wiz Khalifa) hoping to raise hell on TV for the sake of publicity and a few dimes. Oh, don’t come for us Rose. I remember you once said  “If you just call me ‘Wiz Khalifa baby mama’ I am going to have an issue with that. Not now, in 2016. Don’t do that to me.” “At the end of the day I am my own person and I work really hard for this.”

The Amber Rose Show; starts July 8, 2016 on VH1 channel! Will you be watching?