NBA Star Kyrie Irving GIRLFRIEND, R&B Singer, Kehlani Parrish CHEATING With EX-BOYFRIEND, Rapper PartyNextDoor!!!

Posted on Jun 1 2016 - 4:57am by Ratchet Queens Staff

Kyrie Irving girlfriend, Kehlani caught cheating with her ex-boo; giving him the cookie on demand!

Kyrie Irving girlfriend cheated with ex boyfriend PartyNextDoor

The hottest news in the NBA right now is not the fact that the Warriors come back from a 3-1 deficits to beat OKC for the right to play Lebron and the Cavs in the finals…Social media is buzzing off with the story of Kyrie Irving girlfriend, Kehlani cheating on him with her ex-boyfriend, rapper PartyNextDoor! Lebron is going to be at ease playing Golden State, but can Kyrie concentrates with his girlfriend running around giving her ex the cookie on demand?

Kyrie Irving girlfriend Kehlani cheating with ex boyfriend PartyNextDoor pictures

How does the world know Kyrie Irving girlfriend, Kehlani cheated? Well, the dude she cheated with rotted her out…which also happens to be her ex. PartyNextDoor, real name Jahron Anthony Brathwaite called off his relationship with Kehlani Parrish (single) last year.

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Kehlani started dating Kyrie Irving (NBA star point guard with Cavs) shortly after. The Kyrie and Kehlani kingdom looked strong until now. For Valentines Day, she said on Instagram that Kyrie is the “greatest boyfriend of all time.”

Kyrie Irving and Kehlani Instagram Valentines Day love posts

So why in the heck Kehlani let PartyNextDoor take a photo of them in bed cuddling? Well, that’s the way most celebs. They jump from one celebrity dude to the next without resolving the previous relationship. Kehlani obviously still have strong feelings for PartyNextDoor or he just got a bigger d*ck than Kyrie and knows how to use it. Either way, It’s bad when it’s the dude you’re cheating on your currently boyfriend with that exposes you…even worst when that dude is your ex-boyfriend.

Kehlani cheated on NBA star Kyrie Irving with ex boyfriend PartyNextDoor

Kyrie Irving girlfriend, Kehlani has not come forward to admit or denied she was the one on the picture. However, there is no debate that she’s the one on PartyNextDoor’s bed…we know that those light skin hands and tattoos very well. Kyrie will not be talking about his girlfriend or should we say ex-girlfriend cheating because he’s trying to concentrate for the NBA Finals. But stay tune, because when the finals are over…it’s on!

What do you make of Kyrie Irving girlfriend, Kehlani on PartyNextDoor’s bed cheating on him?