Natural Hair Black Women Are NOT Beautiful…STOP Celebrating & Promoting Them!

Posted on Nov 12 2016 - 2:50pm by Ratchet Queens Staff

Natural hair black women are not beautiful! How many times have you heard that? It’s not only white people hatin’ on  women…a good trunk are African-American men doing the white wo/men work!

Say It Loud; Natural Hair Black Women Are Strong Powerful Beautiful and Proud

Since ratchet reality TV black girls started promoting and pushing nothing but long jet weave and fake hair on national television, there is a big backlash against natural hair black women. The hate is all over the place; social media, TV and even when a natural black girl walk down the street. You will be surprised to learn a great majority of the hatin’ is coming from black man and women; not just white people.

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Black people hostility towards natural hair black women is one of the strongest proof that the white people have done a good job on us. That the chains, the whips, rapes and lynching were not as detrimental to black people as the mental beating. In other words, black people have overcome physical aspects of slavery but are still NOT able to emancipate themselves from mental slavery.

As a natural black woman, I’ve been pushing heatedly to promote and uplift the beauty of our people. However, the number is very small. Today, I pledge to double down on my effort and asking every black women all across the world; natural or not to help me and the handful of natural hair black women out there celebrate and promote the natural beauty of black women.

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How can you help celebrate and promote natural black women and the world’s greatest creation? You can start by sharing this post to all your social media like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. And next time you come across some natural hair black girls, throw your hands up in the hair with a powerful fist and yell ‘you go girl,’ even if you’re not natural yourself.

I’m a naturally beautiful black woman and proud. YES, say it!