Matt Barnes’ Wife Gloria Govan and Derek Fisher Went On Vacation – Posted and Removed Pics On IG!

Posted on Feb 13 2016 - 10:22am by Ratchet Queens Staff

She smashed the hommie! Matt Barnes’ Wife Gloria Govan and Derek Fisher vacation with family, posted photo on IG, then removed after noticing Fisher on pic!

Matt Barnes wife Gloria Govan and Derek Fisher dating

Matt Barnes’ Wife Gloria Govan and Derek Fisher now have plenty of time to go on vacation. The former Los Angeles Lakers star and New York Knicks head coach got into an huge fight with Matt Barnes after he found out Derek was screwing his wife. Matt Barnes and Derek Fisher used to be teammate when they both played for the Lakers. Apart from the Knicks being suck, it is rumored that Derek got fired partly because of his relationship with Matt Gloria.

Matt Barnes and Derek Fisher fight over Gloria Govan

Gloria posted a picture of the entire family on vacation…and guess who’s head is pocking out all the way on the back?…none other than the man himself, Derek Fisher. Gloria Govan and Derek Fisher, plus her family are vacationing in the Caribbean to celebrate Govan’s birthday (February 22nd); which also happens to be Valentines day weekend.

Gloria Govan and Derek Fisher on vacation

The caption of the pic confirm the vacation was for her birthday. Gloria quickly removed the photo from IG once she realized Derek Fisher sneaked himself into the family photo. After the Knicks fired Fisher, Matt Barnes took to Instagram and troll him. It looks like Barnes might be winning the IG war, but Derek Fisher is winning the battle of who gets the girl!

Derek Fisher and Matt Barnes

The family vacation photo proves Matt Barnes’ Wife Gloria Govan and Derek Fisher are officially dating and screwing each other. On our best Ray J voice ‘she smashed the hommie’. Derek was good friend of the Barnes during the good times of their marriage. The three often hanged out together!

What do you think of Gloria Govan and Derek Fisher relationship? Should she have gotten into a relationship with her husband former teammate and friend? 

Pic credit: IG