LAWD: Mary J Blige Bikini Pictures Breaking The Internet! See Why!

Posted on Jan 14 2017 - 2:42am by Ratchet Queens Staff

Mary J Blige bikini pictures & beach body posted on her Instagram profile breaking the Internet in half!

Mary J Blige Bikini Pictures By The Beach Breaking The Internet

You know the saying ‘age ain’t nothing but a number’ and ‘black don’t crack? Not every black woman on this planet can claim the last one, but these sexy Mary J Blige bikini pictures making some of us believers.

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Someone please call 911 because even at the age 46, Mary J. is still FINE as heck! The legendary singer turned up on South Beach yesterday to celebrate her 45th birthday and took the time to show the world she still got it.

Mary J Blige Bikini Photos By The Beach with Sister LaTonya Blige DaCostaBreaking The Internet

After posting on social media, some of the sexy Mary J Blige bikini pictures went viral; having many thirty men and women drooling all over their computer screens. The bikini shots show a slim, chocolate, and juicy looking Mary J. with a body looking like a 21-year-old Gymnastic champion.

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The juicy Mary J Blige bikini photos taken alongside her sister LaTonya Blige-DaCosta were posted on her Instagram profile with the hashtag ‘#Mood.’ She looks sexy, healthy, chocolatie and confident in her own skin.

What do you think of the pictures of Mary J Blige bikini body setting the Internet on fire?