OMG: $188 Million Powerball Winner Bailed Out Boyfriend Out of Jail for the 4th Time!

Posted on Jan 3 2016 - 8:47am by Ratchet Queens Staff

Marie Homes – $188 Powerball Lottery Winner Bailed Out Boyfriend out of Jail 4 Times in less than 1 Year!

Marie Homes Powerball lotto winner bailed out boyfriend 4 times

Marie Homes – the sole winner of the $180 million Powerball lottery bailed out her ex-con boyfriend for the 4th time. She posted bail of $12 million for his sorry a*s on Friday! Marie has spent millions in a matter of one week. The North Carolina native cashed $88 millions out of the $188 millions after tax and lump sum payment. Marie Homes boyfriend Lamar ‘Hot Sauce’ McDow was accused of organizing an illegal street race while he was still on probation on pre-trial release.

Marie Homes boyfriend in Jail

Last year, Marie Homes, 26 years old, bailed out Lamar McDow three times. One week Marie Homes collected the money she bailed him out for $3 millions. Again in August for $6 millions and October after he was caught and arrested for possession of illegal firearms by a felon. The bail she posted on Friday was $12 millions. She’s either a ride or die chick or dumb as hell!

Marie Homes boyfriend McDow

According to DailyNews

His bonds are skyrocketing because the amount automatically doubles if a defendant breaks the rules of a pre-trial release, local attorneys told WECT. The non-refundable fee paid to bail bondsmen who bail out an inmate usually amounts to roughly 10% of the total bond amount.

Officials in the sheriff’s office told the TV station McDow’s latest arrest happened when their GPS monitoring system showed him at a location other than the ones he’s allowed in — namely his home, work, church, doctor or court.

Wow, what a lucky guy! Would you do like Marie Homes and keep bailing out your boyfriend out of jail if you had hit the lotto?