Plus-Size MODEL, Love Randalin Is The THICKEST White Girl In The World; BIG 70 Inch BOOTAY Making Black Women JEALOUS!

Posted on Jun 17 2016 - 9:42pm by Ratchet Queens Staff

Love Randalin big booty and thickest white girl in the world

Not everyday you see a white girl as thick as this walking around. Her name is “Love Randalin,” a plus-size model an she has broken the Internet! #Randalin has a 70 inch bootay some considered too big and unhealthy. However, some men; especially black men finds her big stuff attractive. Some sistas are jealous of Love Rondalin bootay. How do I know? Well, we posted the video on Facebook and all the black women are hatin’ on her.

Thickest White Girl In The World = Love Randalin

In a matter of days, Love Randalin’s thick bootay video got over 20 millions of views, 50k+ shares and over 40k comments. She has gained over 100k followers on Twitter, FB and Instagram. Without any doubt, Randalin is the thickest white girl in the world. Shoot, she might even be the thick girl period. As large Love Randalin’s bootay is…she maintains a very slim waist and flat stomach. She’s in fact, very skinny for her booty size. She makes Kim Kardashian, Blac Chyna and Amber Rose’s bootay look small.

Love Randalin pictures

Without further delay, scroll down to see Love Randalin; the thickest white girl in the world. So what is Randalin’s real name? It’s Raylynn and she’s lives in Atlanta, Georgia. Taking advantage of all the attention she’s getting, she wrote to her fans, “I love a dominating partner. I’m a Pisces, so I’m a quiet fr*ak. B*ondage, whips, chains, the fr*aky s***. I don’t wanna bruise though.”


  • George Benson

    Wow u re really beautiful girl

  • Danny

    very nice girl with a beautiful shape