Becky Who? A List of Potential & Alleged Jay-Z Mistresses / Women He Cheated On Beyonce With!

Posted on May 20 2016 - 10:59pm by Ratchet Queens Staff

List of women JayZ cheated on Beyonce with Jay-z mistresses

I’m sure some of you, even Beyonce’s hardcore fans, are tired of hearing people asking “Who in the heck is Becky with the good hair?” Well, no one except for Beyonce really knows who they are. However, that didn’t keep social and news media from speculating  “Becky with the good hair” is. it’s is even rumored that Rihanna has been cheating with Jay-Z for a long time!

In fact, it is reported that Becky with the good hair is more than one person. Bey is referring to the many of alleged Jay-Z mistresses; the reportedly large number of women Jay-Z cheated on Beyonce with over the course of their marriage. Even when Jay-Z and Beyonce were dating, he cheated on her.

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We have some snitches in the industry that have dissed out to RQ a list of potential & alleged Jay-Z mistresses (women Jay-Z cheated on Beyonce with). The names on the list are pure speculation. Ratchet Queens have not independent ally verified the names and relationship to Jay-Z, but some of them are taking advantage of their name been called to get some media exposure. Only one person on the list has denied ever slept with Jay-Z or having any types of sexual relationship with him.

List of Potential Jay-Z Mistresses – Women Beyonce Accused Him of Cheating With “Becky With The Good Hair”

This list of women Jay-Z mistresses and cheated on Beyonce with is not in any particular order. Date, time and places of relationships or sexual accouters are not discussed or listed. Again, this is a potential list. If you’re on the list of Jay-Z alleged mistresses and would like to get removed, e-mail us with good reasons and we may do so. Otherwise, tell your friends you’ve made the list of ‘women who have slept with a rich, popular and married man’. Congrats!

#1. Rachel Roy

Rachel Roy Jay Z cheating mistress Beyonce Becky With The Good Hair